Back on board

Lordy, I am a weak woman. I made it through several days of decent films/TV viewing:  “Ladies in Lavender,” a sweet, beautifully-shot period film starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, via Netflix; “District 9,” the new, much acclaimed sci-fi flick, which was indeed worthwhile, if often hard to watch (anyone planning to see it should not make apres-movie dinner plans). And of course, the season premiere of “Mad Men,”  a paradigm of intelligence, subtlety and wit among TV shows. It’s so well done, I can’t even believe it still exists.

climbingBut then I happened to tune into VH1 last night (I know, I know, nobody forced me) and beheld what appeared to be yet another celeb dating show, “My Antonio.” And like the pathetic speck of dust that I am, got sucked swiftly into the vacuum (truly) once again. If the premiere is any indication, this looks promising: Antonio Sabato, Jr., with whom I am not terribly familiar, set the tone early on by being both ingratiatingly “sincere” about his intentions to find love and matter-of-factly sadistic. The setting is Hawaii, and the first challenge consisted of the contestants, still in their cute little party dresses,  climbing a mountain of loosely-packed gravel on their hands and knees to get to him. Lots of ungainly clambering and blurred panty shots.

Antonio and YvonneBut more interesting is the fact that Antonio’s  mama, Yvonne, visits later to help her son decide who stays and who goes. Looking like a cross between Sophia Loren and Angelica Huston, she’s totally intimidating and unstinting in offering advice/criticism. Nice touch. As if that’s not enough, Antonio’s ex-wife shows up claiming to still be in love with him, so it seems she will also vie for his affections. The coming attractions look pretty great: Yvonne asking huge-breasted Playboy Playmate Christi, “If I asked you to get rid of them, would you?,” referring, I think, to those boobs! There’s also the ex-wife lying in what looks like a hospital bed, with Yvonne hovering threateningly above; immature screw-up Sarah screaming/bawling incoherently; and Yvonne saying “I object” at what looks like Antonio’s wedding. The show is clearly all about Yvonne.

And maybe the ex-wife. I think I’m on board for this one.


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