Project Runway, S6, E2

With the second episode of the new Project Runway season under our belts, I think I can safely say that last week was no fluke. It really is the P.R. we all know and love. (I’m still waiting for Lifetime to somehow try to “improve” the show and thus ruin it, but maybe I should give the network more credit.)

Anyhow, the challenge was excellent: create a chic outfit for hugely pregnant guest judge Rebecca Romijn. P.R. has never done maternity wear before, which is surprising considering how often Heidi has been with child.

So far, we’ve seen two nice, logical challenges, though you know at some point the designers will be asked to create a look for a pro skateboarder or make an evening gown out of palm trees. And that will be fine, too.

There were some really nice outfits on the runway, but unfortunately Malvin’s was not one of them. I was beginning to enjoy Malvin’s eerie beauty and air of mystery. There’s generally one contestant

Malvin's baby sling

Malvin's baby sling

each season who is really more conceptual artist than clothes designer and they always fail to take into account how their creations actually look on people. Malvin, with his high-concept chicken/egg/feather/nest garment, which mainly resembled a wraparound baby-sling, is this season’s version. Or was. It came down to him and the hapless Mitchell, who made some really unflattering shorts for his model. For some reason, the judges decided to keep the latter.

Definite winner

Definite winner

I  completely agreed with the judges that Shirin’s lovely dress and coat was the winning look.

I’m sort of seeing the value in the P.R. addendum “Models of the Runway,” in that we get to see their P.O.V. regarding the designers. Plus it features an expanded “model elimination,” during which all remaining designers must choose (or re-choose) a model each week. Apparently Fatma had developed quite a crush on her designer, Logan (who is cute as a button), only to be chosen by the dreaded Mitchell. She could not be comforted.

I could do without the models-living-together drama, of which there is blessedly little. If I want that sort of thing, I can find it back on Bravo with “Make Me a Supermodel” or on the CW with Tyra and her girls. The latter was my very first guilty-pleasure reality show. How far I’ve come!


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