Tim Gunn: better than ever

Is it me or does Tim Gunn  seem to be enjoying himself more than usual this season of Project Runway? Though we know he can be witty, he seems to be on a roll lately with the droll commentary. “The prophet of doom has returned,” he announced wryly before telling one designer that her model was unavailable for a fitting. “Work like there’s no tomorrow, because for one person there won’t be,” he later exhorted the designers in the workroom. Could this new volubility be due to… L.A.? He was seen sporting flip-flops (and a blazer) on the beach during the intro to the latest challenge, much to everyone’s delight. Whatever it is, I’m happy for him.

So, the designers had to work in pairs to create a stylish surfer-girl look and a complementary avant-garde look. Forcing people with big egos to work in teams invariably results in big frustrations.  Qristyl, who I like despite the spelling of her name, and Epperson, whose soft-spoken manner belies his tenacity, were the typical domineering/oppressed designer duo. Qristyl complained bitterly at judging about being completely stifled; he had no idea what she was talking about. Classic. Their resulting garments were judged to be among the “worst looks,” though their swimsuit-skirt combo had a nice-fitting bodice. Qristyl’s avant-garde design, however, was pretty nasty:pr6ep3qristyl

As for other odd couples, the leech-like Mitchell attached himself to Ra’mon who did, oh, 94% of the work on both their looks. Though Ra’mon is very talented and gets major points for pulling Mitchell’s dead weight all episode, I wasn’t as thrilled as the judges were with his last-minute neoprene dress: He won the challenge. And Mitchell made PR history by getting his sorry ass eliminated despite being on the winning team. Ha!

Some nights you have to wonder what the judges are thinking: Johnny got high marks for this look:

Johnny design2

And what exactly was Nicolas going for with this?:


All too predictably, I’m kind of getting into Models of the Runway, and for all the wrong reasons: namely the Fatma/Vanessa standoff. Plus this week’s elimination was tense and unpredictable, with several designers opting to go with new models, resulting in the elimination of Erica, which greatly upset her best pal Matar, especially since Erica’s designer Epperson chose Matar this week. Tears and frayed nerves all around.


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