Supersmeyes Me

Just for the heck of it, I re-visited my very first guilty-pleasure reality show last night: that’s right, America’s Next Top Model, now in its 13th “cycle.”  Which means that I have officially been watching

She's smeye-ing, isn't she?

this sort of stuff since 2003, when despite being on vacation in the California desert, I had to catch the latest episode of ANTM, this addictive new reality show.  A bad portent of things to come, I now realize. Anyway, the show was sort of fun and refreshing back then, and much less slick.  Tyra seemed pretty normal, even. Cut to last night’s episode where she whips off a trenchcoat and transforms into a superhero named, I believe, “Supersmeyes” “Supersmize.”Her superpower: smiling with her eyes.  I’m embarrassed just thinking about it. She then uses this skill to slay a rude photographer in one of the silliest segments I’ve ever seen on ANTM, and that’s saying something. To be sure, Tyra has demonstrated smeyes-ing smizing — a skill she’s obviously very proud of — in previous cycles,  but it culminated last night in a high-speed challenge during which the contestants had to emote crazily with their eyes. Incroyable.

Anyway, this season’s girls are all petite models (under 5’8″), but everything else is pretty much the same. Maybe a little more frenetic and wacky.



Glee continues to feature great song-and-dance numbers AND be laugh-out-loud funny. My favorite line last night came when chubby Mercedes (Amber Riley) asks her crush, the obviously gay Kurt (Chris Colfer), if he’s ever kissed somebody, and he replies, “Yes, if you mean by ‘somebody’ the tender crook of my elbow.” Riley, who has a lovely voice (she was apparently voted off American Idol some years ago), later vents her frustrations with the fierce song “I Bust the Windows,” a definite highlight. Will’s scrappy boy band, the Acafellas, were pretty great, too, especially in their original incarnation. Not enough Jane Lynch in the episode, but that’s OK. A little goes a long way.


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