More cake, please

I’m sorry to say I’ve managed to miss a couple of weeks of Cake Boss, but did catch a couple tonight. Nice to be back in the shop with Buddy e famiglia. The first episode, which must have originally aired last spring, featured Easter preparations at Carlo’s, including the traditional braided bread with hard-boiled eggs, a foodstuff that is crucial to my family’s celebration of the holiday. Interesting thing: Buddy’s eggshells are all white, rather than colored, like every egg-baked-into-bread I’ve ever seen. Hmmm.

As usual, there’s a lot of hectic running around and good-natured sibling bickering.  Mary will not stop complaining loudly and bitterly about some top-heavy cupcakes, causing Buddy to bellow repeatedly, “Go downstairs, Mary!” just to shut her up. Easter’s one of the busiest times of the year, but not all employees were working fast enough for Buddy. “I wanna see lightening bolts coming out of your butt!,” he exhorts the troops. They take it in stride.

Easter cakeThe big cake du jour, for the Hoboken Family Alliance Easter Egg Hunt, features a standing bunny that wobbles precariously, loses half its icing in the fridge, and has a nightmare-scary face (sorry, Buddy!). Despite all this, the cake makes it to the Hunt in one piece and is a big hit with the kids. Buddy also has to make three family birthday cakes; my favorite is a flowerpot with tulips (and edible dirt!) for Mama. Other scenes: Poor Lil’ Frankie (who else?) is forced to dress as the Easter Bunny and stand outside the shop giving out samples, and notorious non-cook Grace makes Easter dinner for the first time — for 30 people! — and is overwhelmed. But of course it all works out in the end with a little help from Buddy who pronounces the food “not horrible.”

In the second episode, a customer who orders a spectacular birthday cake every  year wants to outdo himself with a Tiki-themed cake that spews fire. Not a problem for Buddy, who creates a cake with torches, Hawaiian flowers and a big Tiki mask atop a volcano that spews fire (actually, a professional fire-breather standing behind it does). Of course it’s a huge hit at the guy’s party and, amazingly, nobody gets hurt.

Mauro mid-Tiki

Mauro mid-Tiki

Buddy also has to make a jewelry-themed cake for his sister-in-law’s shower; decorator Daniella (who studied sculpture and has a BFA; yes, these people are artists!) creates a delicate figurine wearing edible jewelry; it’s really lovely. Also in this episode: Buddy bets Mauro, who is accused of having a puss, that he (Buddy) can decorate a cake blindfolded. Naturally Mauro loses and must go upstairs dressed in a grass skirt and coconut-shell bra (over his t-shirt) greeting people in his gruff deadpan: “Aloha. Alright.” I so want to be part of this family!

(photos: TLC)


2 Responses to “More cake, please”

  1. 1 Marie
    December 3, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    omg the bunny cake was so awesome….

  2. 2 carlie
    December 29, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Buddy is soooooooooo awsome! He is the best cake maker ever. he is so good I am watching him right now. NOBODY is bigger fans then me and my friends and they would like to say…


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