Not so gay divorcees

I really liked the challenge on Project Runway last night: the designers worked with divorced, or soon to be divorced, women (not models) who wanted their wedding dresses transformed into something wearable. There was lots of inspirational talk about moving on, reconstruction, etc. Unfortunately, the resulting garments included some truly awful looks:

Christopher's metallic garbage bag dress

Christopher's metallic garbage bag dress

Epperson's Oktoberfest dress

Epperson's Oktoberfest dress

Nicolas's pants ensemble

Nicolas's strange pants ensemble


Logan's awkward top 'n pants

I was very happy that Gordana’s dress won, though her model looks a bit possessed in this photo:


Most puzzling thing: the judges just loved Irina’s dress, calling it “age appropriate.” Really? What age might that be?! Though obviously very well made, it looked more than a little tacky to me. Especially those silly sleeves. And that sash:


Sadly, Epperson was eliminated despite having done strong work in past challenges, which is not supposed to count, but we all know that it does. His exit was very dignified and gracious, unsurprisingly. Classy guy.


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