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Glee and Ghosts

Sue Sylvester

One of my favorite Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) quotes from last night’s Glee: ”I don’t trust a man with curly hair. I can’t help picturing small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting.” This episode was rife with funny lines, most of them courtesy of Lynch, whose haughty, preposterous character steals every scene she’s in. I’m not a betting woman, but I’d put money on an Emmy nomination (oh hell, Emmy win!).

Then there were the uniformly solid musical numbers, including a scorching rendition of Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me” featuring the fantastic Mercedes (Amber Riley) on vocals and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.)  popping, locking and generally looking amazing. Plus Kurt in a fluffy angora sweater. I’m beginning to love these “kids.”

No graceful way to segue into…

Steve and Tango

Steve and Tango (photo: Syfy)

…Interesting Ghost Hunters ep last night: The team investigated historic Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario. Military sites are often hotbeds of paranormal activity, which makes sense considering the untimely deaths that often occurred in these places. Lots of spontaneously opening and closing doors at the fort, including one that slammed shut on demand. Plus weird knocking sounds from behind a glass wall in the officers’ quarters and a ghostly figure glimpsed by Grant. All very creepy. There were also some big, fat spiders lurking about to scare the bejesus out of poor arachnophobic Steve, who wonders about his condition, “How did this happen to me?” The comic relief provided by Steve’s many fears and Tango’s reactions is one of the show’s charms.

Speaking of which, there’s a new GH spin-off coming next month. According to Syfy: Ghost Hunters Academy features a group of college students, led by seasoned TAPS investigators Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, who search for the paranormal in haunted hotspots around the country and around the world.

The commercial almost gave the impression of a competition with shaky participants freaking out, but the official description doesn’t really sound like “American’s Next Top Ghost Hunter,” which is too bad. That would be very amusing.


Happy with Glee

Glee may be messy, bi-polar, and sometimes unfocused. But it’s also grandly entertaining and is therefore one of the most worthwhile things on TV. Especially if you have a soft spot for singin’, dancin’ and razor-sharp humor.  Last night, for instance:

1) Great dialogue in general, but especially from Sue (Jane Lynch) when she’s writing in her journal: “Here I am, about to turn 30, and I’ve sacrificed everything, only to be Shanghaied by the bi-curious machinations of a cabal of doughy misshapen teens.” Perfect delivery.

2) Terrific performances from the boys and girls of the Glee Club, who perform competing mash-ups, while high on pseudoephedrine. The guys doing “It’s My Life”/”Confessions Pt. 2” were particularly good, though I worried that the hopped-up Finn (Cory Monteith) was going to have a heart attack. Especially liked Mike Chang’s incredible little rubber-limbed solo. He’s played by the ultra-talented Harry Shum Jr., who’s been in the Step Up movies, among other things. Found a clip of him freestyling:

3) Honestly good acting from Matthew Morrison (Will), Lea Michele (Rachel), Jayma Mays (Emma), Jessalyn Gillsig (Terri), and just about the entire cast.

Finn (Monteith)

Their characters actually make me feel feelings, which is very odd for television. Not to mention that I’m developing a little crush on Finn, which is worrisome considering my advanced age. But there’s something about a big, cute, clueless jock that gets me every time.

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